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Description We have for sale a Short Sword which has been beautifully engraved with scriptures statements sigma’s and Crest Designs reflecting the original swordsman’s mind and beliefs of those times As a Templar Knight pledging his life and protection to provide safe passage to the Holy Land The front of the sword scriptures read My Sword leadth the way and passage to Holy land I am the Slayer of Muslins by Slaughter of Saracens   The back of the sword scriptures read I give Pilgrims safe passage In my quest of the Holy Grail Blessed by God or accept my fate   The sword is complete metal blade handle guard pommel and scabbard it has a slight edge to the blade but not sharp It measures 700mm from end to end The scabbard is 560mm long and has belt attachment fitted Complete Sword is 655mm Handle is 160mm by 120mm cross Guard Blade is 510mm long by 30mm wide
Muslim Slayer Holy Sword
Claymore Long Sword    ref: Claymore LS-02
Claymore Long Sword    ref: Claymore LS-02
Claymore Long Sword    ref: Claymore LS-01
Claymore Long Sword    ref: Claymore LS-01
This is one of the most famous and recognized Scottish long swords known by Braveheart and William Wallace as seen in most of the Scottish movies This is a little more modified for movies than the original
Braveheart Sword of William Wallace
REF: 274733630 There is only one real Zorro Sword and with the return of the 2005 movie release everybody will now try and sell the cheap replicas so that you can now see the difference we have included both but the most obvious is now the engraved sigma blade and as these are a limited Edition each one is serial coded The replica is 37 ½ inches chrome plated s 2 ¼ lbs & stainless steel The real Zorro – Legend of Don Diego de la Vega Sword as you can compare and see is 42inches long with a carbon blade fully usable blade length of 35 ½ inches and total weight of 4 ¾ lbs Make no mistake go the the original and enjoy the splendor use of the masked fox sword Traditional decorative handle with spiral snake guard and leaf pommel the handle is finished in Black leather with twin twisted wire wrap matching decorative finished on leather scabbard
Zorro – Legend of Don Diego de la Vega Sword
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